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  • Furnace

    At Ace Appliance Heating and Cooling we carry the very best furnace’s available. Please visitwww.keeprite.com and below is a picture of their Softsound™ VS 95 variable-speed two-stage gas furnace:


    • Click on the picture for more information

    Please visit www.goodmanmfg.com and below is a picture of their GMVC95 gas furnace:


    • Dual-Diameter Tubular Heat Exchanger
    • Efficient, Quiet Variable-speed circulator motor
    • ComfortNet Communications System
    • Long life, Durable Silicon Nitride Igniter System
    • Electronic Control Board with Self-Diagnostics
    • Auto-Comfort Mode for Enhanced Dehumidification
    • Run-Tested at Factory Prior to Shipment

    Please visit www.luxaire.com and below is a picture of their Acclimate 9.C gas furnace:


    • Furnace design has advanced in recent years to be far safer and more efficient than older designs. This is the result of improvements in the burner, the ignition, and the blower motor. Furnace heating efficiency is measured by an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) percentage. A higher AFUE percentage indicates a more efficient furnace.
    • The Acclimate™ 9.C is the highest rated gas furnace in the industry (up to 98% AFUE). The EnergyGuide label outlines the energy use and efficiency of major home appliances. With its industry leading efficiency, the Acclimate™ 9.C EnergyGuide rating exceeds government standards – ensuring exceptional quality and low energy use.

    Residential and light commercial unit heaters by Advance Distributor Products:


    • For garages and small greenhouses
    • For light commercial, residential and warehouses

    Room heaters by Empire Comfortwww.empirecomfort.com:


    • Maximum air flow and heating are the strong points of the RH-25 and the RH-35 Console Vented Room Heaters. Delivering atmospheric warmth to your medium-sized rooms, each unit is designed for style and efficiency. The heat can be further enhanced with an optional internal blower for added circulation. Ideal for medium to large rooms, each unit vents with standard vent pipe. Housed in durable, textured cabinetry with a beige color finish, these room heaters will add endless comfort to any room.